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3 Brothers

If we will talk about the Field and factory visits so we have to mention the 3brothers. Three Brothers Company is considered to be as one of the greatest specialized companies in the field of manufacturing the lighting units all over Egypt, the Arab and African countries. Back in 1990, the company was established by the efforts of its three founders. The company is distinguished by having a great number of products, about 6000, which covers the internal and external usage to supply the following applications: Fluorescent, Down light, Spot light, Out door, Bed head units, Decorative lighting units, Led products, Street lighting units. Providing a distinctive product in the local and external markets is the aim of the company, for that, the company attained a lot of several certificates which guarantee the quality of both operations and products. The company mission 3 Brothers is an industrial and trading company which seeks to deliver integrated solutions in the field of lighting with its products and applications. Three Brothers exerts much effort to develop these products and applications for our lighting consultant’s usage and the final consumer in Egypt and the Arab region.
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