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Metropole's history goes back over 40 years ago to a time when Mr. Ragui Iskandar was just a young man working with his father's Zincography and Photography studio in downtown Cairo near the "Metropole" Playhouse. In the late 1970s Iskandar met Mr. Adel Sobhi and convinced him to partner and invest in Egypt with him rather than immigrate during what seemed were difficult times.

In 1982, building on tradition, and keeping Iskandar's father's studio name, "Metropole" became the new name of the old “Bassal” press which was issued its working license in 1939. Iskandar and Sobhi began renovations acting as sub contractors to local presses in the area. In 1991, they installed their first private machinery, 2 GTO’s and 1 SORM. Today, their printshop has grown to over 150 employees and over 50 machines.

Metropole is a member of the International Organization of Printers and the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE). By promoting and using receycled paper, Metropole encourages environmentally friendly practices.

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